Adventures with WordPress

The blogging portion of this site is based on WordPress. I originally didn’t plan to blog on the site and then changed my mind. The theme I bought included a blog but, once I took a hard look at it I found the blog was extremely manual: there was no interface for managing posts, categories, tags, publishing, etc.

Enter WordPress and the exercise to retrofit this site to use it. My wounds were basically self inflicted: if I’d made an up-front decision to blog, I’d have bought one of the many WordPress themes.

Still, retrofitting WordPress into this site has been an adventure and a good learning experience. I’ve come away with a great admiration for WordPress and the WordPress community. I’m not a true coder (more of a cut, paste, and tweaker), but WordPress does everything I’d expect it a good blogging solution to do and so far I’ve been able to get it to do what I want. The basic documentation is good and, what I can’t figure out from the documentation I can find via Google.

Would I recommend WordPress to my friends? Sure would.

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