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What I've done

Note: I can't include my work at Vanderbilt's Office of Research —
Information Technology in this portfolio. It's described
in the Professional Experience section on the

  • Community site

    This design was the winner of a 48-hour challenge in which 8 teams competed to design a community site incorporating a Yammer news feed. While the time was short, we managed to survey users to find what they wanted and created a proof-of-concept site based on an existing UX community site.

    • Community members within organization
    • UX design, HTML layout & CSS, user survey
  • Document collaboration

    The Dot provides a way to collaborate on documents simultaneously, including real-time collaboration (based on Microsoft Lync) and persistent chat (based on Yammer). I was part of the first CIO Institute, a handpicked team that tackled a project of our choice. We succeeded — the Dot is being built.

    • Client account teams
    • Worked on mockups and created high-level business requirements.
  • Wireframe for document collaboration

    This shows an early wireframe for the Dot, done using Balsamiq in an intensive two-day design session. Note: This is an instance of me picking up a new tool on the fly, since I hadn't used Balsamiq previously.

    • Client account teams
    • Interactive design
  • Personas

    We created four personas for the Dot project in addition to surveys on user pain points around collaboration and technology. We tied our personas to user demographics as a way of demonstrating who would benefit from our solution.

    • Client account teams
    • Helped create personas; created survey; did demographics; pulled all research together.
  • Intranet redesign

    This shows initial wireframes for a redesign of DeloitteNet with design notes on the right. The wireframes were done with Balsamiq. The complete design was distributed in an interactive PDF.

    • All US personnel
    • UX design and Balsamiq mockups
  • SharePoint reskin

    When we moved our intranet from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 we also did a reskin for a fresh look and feel. This was mostly CSS but also included minor layout changes, etc.

    • All US personnel
    • Worked on mockups, CSS, and style documentation
  • Style guide website

    To accompany the SharePoint reskin, I created an online style guide which included sections for colors, icons & images, fonts, boxes, layouts and forms. The style guide provided guidance for developers on which jQuery styles to use and included a basic CSS layout and reference for developers. The style guide website was built with both jQuery and responsive design.

    • Developers, UX and visual designers, and content managers
    • Built website and wrote documentation
  • Personal intranet page

    Users found the native My SharePoint page too hard to customize. We replaced it with a .NET version and added some new Web parts (widgets). Users can drag and drop widgets to organize the page and change widget settings.

    • All US personnel
    • UX design, static mockups, CSS, and style documentation
  • Add widget carousel

    We made it easy to add Web Parts (widgets) to the personal intranet page via a widget carousel. Users can easily find and preview widgets of interest to them and drag and drop new widgets to their personal intranet page.

    • All US personnel
    • UX design, static mockups, CSS, and style documentation
  • Custom SharePoint blog for CEO

    Our new CEO wanted a place to communicate with Deloitte leaders and needed it quickly. I was part of a small team that created a customized SharePoint blog which has been very successful.

    • US partners, principals, and directors
    • Build website, create mockups, customize CSS, help with custom XHTML/XSL, create site documentation, and train content owners
  • Password reset application

    This application enables users to reset their network passwords without having to contact the call center, saving many thousands of dollars a year. The application has screens for both end users and administrators. Instead of mockups, the screens were created as an HTML prototype. Designs were documented at the bottom of each screen.

    • All US personnel
    • Create interactive HTML prototype and document design.